Electro-Acuscope or Myopulse is an electro-therapy that heals injured tissue by introducing a low voltage micro-current through it. In turn this reduces pain. It is very effective in tissue repair and promotes cell regeneration rapidly without causing any harm to the skin or organs. Every cell in the human body has a measurable electrical charge. This results in the flow of energy between cells. This energy flow is essential for growth, metabolism and resistance against diseases.

When there is an injury or trauma, there is disruption in the production of ‘electricity’ in the body and there is a significant decrease in the flow of energy among the tissues that are damaged due to the wound or inflammation. Electro-Acuscope produces and sends a mild electrical current through damaged tissues so that the injured area can get back to its normal level of electrical activity.

The treatment is not painful and can even be used on the face. Electro-Acuscope enhances facial features and skin clarity since passing micro-current can stimulate nerves in the face. This causes the capillaries to expand, increases the flow of blood, carries more oxygen to adjoining tissues, eliminates the waste products and toxins, and makes the skin glow and look better.

- Regenerates injured tissue by repairing damage at the cellular level.

- Helps in neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, both chronic and acute.

- Addresses the root cause of the problem rather than concealing the pain.

​- Effective for a variety of illness and problems.